The Pre-registration prizes are

  • 3 pcs Arena Center - Sauna giftcard + bowling in Arena Center Myllypuro
  • 3 pcs Arena Center - Team training day (Field for 3h + 2h conference room)
  • 2 pcs Bowling package (5 lanes for 1 h + bowling shoes) during the tournament
  • 6 pcs FatPipe - Ball bags incl. 50 balls

To receive the prize, participation in the tournament is required.
The giftcards must be used by 31 August 2020.

Medals and trophies

  • The winner of each Final will be awarded with gold medals, trophy and product prizes
  • The team who finishes second will be awarded with silver medals
  • The team who finishes third will be awarded with bronze medals or the teams who are defeated in semifinal will be awarded with bronze medals
  • In F-girls every player will be awarded with medal and diploma (max. 15 players).
  • In G-juniors every player will be awarded with medal and diploma (max. 10 players).

Team prizes

  • Winner of each category (Final) will get a free tournament fee for next HFC tournament (does not include individual fees)
  • The winners of finals in junior elite categories will be awarded with a free tournament fee to Prague Games in Czech Republic (does not include individual fees
  • The winners (A-final) in Men Open and Women Open categories will be awarded with free tournament fee to Czech Open Tournament in Czech Republic to Mens Open and Women Open series (does not include individual fees).

Player prizes

  • In Finals, the best player from both teams will be awarded
  • In every match, a RESPECT-player will be awarded from both teams. Coaches will choose one RESPECT-player from their own team. Prize lottery will held for all the RESPECT-players, and the winning players will be awarded with product prizes.
    • Read more about RESPECT-players here!