Medals and trophys

  • The winner of each A-final will be awarded with gold medals, trophy and product prizes
  • The team who finishes second will be awarded with silver medals
  • The team who finishes third will be awarded with bronze medals or the teams who are defeted in semifinal will be awarded with bronze medals
  • The winner of B-final will be awarded with medals
  • In F-girls every player will be awarded with medal and diploma (max. 15 players).
  • In G-juniors every player will be awarded with medal and diploma (max. 10 players).

Team prizes

  • Winner of each category (A-final) will get a free tournament fee for next HFC tournament (does not include individual fees)
  • The winners of finals in junior elite categories will be awarded with a free tournament fee to Prague Games in Czech Republic (does not include individual fees)
    • B-boys Elite - B18 category
    • C02-boys Elite - B16 category
    • C03-boys Elite - B15 category
    • D04-boys Elite - B14 category
    • D05-boys Elite - B13 category
    • E06-boys Elite - B12 category
    • B-girls - G18 category
    • C-girls - G14 or G16 category
  • Winner of adult categories will be awarded with Silja Line gift card to Helsinki-Tallinn 22 hour cruise.
    • Gift card is valid on cruises that board on Saturday. Gift card is valid 13.1.-23.6.2018 (not valid 17.2., 12.5. and 2.6.). B-category cabins included for group of 10-16 persons.
    • Boarding Sat. HEL at 18:30 - Arrival Sat. TAL 22:00.
    • Landing and boarding in Tallinn 8:00-12:30.
    • Return on Sun. TAL at 12:30 - Arrival Sun. HEL at 16:00
  • Winners of the Adult categories will participate a lottery where the prize is free tournament fee to Czech Open in Prague and flight package for 13 persons.
    • Flights: Departure 8.8.2018 klo 18:10HEL-19:25PRA
    • Arrival 13.10.2018 19:55PRA-23:05HEL.
    • Tournament fee does not include individual tournament passes or accommodation.
    • Lottery: Winning possibilities will be adjusted to the amount of teams participated to the category. For example, if there 50 teams in Mens Open category and 25 teams in Mens Challenge and Womens Open, the winnind odds would be 50% for Mens open, 25% for Mens Challenge and 25% for Women Open
  • The winners (A-final) in Men Open and Women Open categories will be awarded with free tournament fee to Czech Open Tournament in Czech Republic in 2018 to Mens Open and Women Open series (does not include individual fees).

Player prizes

  • In every match, a RESPECT-player will be awarded from both teams. Coaches will choose one RESPECT-player from their own team. Prize lottery will held for all the RESPECT-players, and the winning players will be awarded with product prizes.
    • Read more about RESPECT-players here
  • In A-finals, the best player from both teams will be awarded

Fat Pipe player of the game categories:
  • Men Challenge
  • Men Open
  • Women Challengeo Women Open
  • A-boys (97-99)
  • B-boys (00-01) Challenge
  • B-boys (00-01) Eliteo B-girls (01-02)
  • C02-boys Challenge
  • C02-boys Elite
  • C03-boys Challenge
  • C03-boys Elite
  • C-girls (03-04) Challenge
The winner teams best player will get HFC2018 MVP Shirt and silver team best player Fat Pipe product prize set.
Oxdog player of the game categories:
  • D04-boys Challenge
  • D04-boys Elite
  • D05-boys Challenge
  • D05-boys Elite
  • D-girls (05-06) Challenge
  • E06-boys Challenge
  • E06-boys Elite
  • E07-boys Challenge
  • E07-boys Elite
  • E-girls (07-08)
  • F08-boys Challenge
  • F08-boys Elite
  • F09-boys Elite
Both teams best player will be awarded Oxdog product prize.