Short story: FLORA


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Tournament category:
Girls 2004-2005

Tell us a bit about your players and officials
The team leaders are the team captain Ksenia Кhizhnyakova, forwards Anastasia Pushkina & Alena Goliastova and the goalkeeper Julia Olenicheva. Head coach of the team is Vadim Pilipenko. The sponsor of the club FLORA is Zagorski Pipe Plant.

Which player(s) to follow during the tournament?
Young athletes will try to show their best playing qualities, so every player of the team deserves attention.

How did you succeed in last season 2017-18?
FLORA became the winner of the Championship of the Moscow region, took first place in the all-Russian tournament "Golden stick" in Sochi, second place in the international tournament "St. Petersburg Open-2018". 

What are your aims and main goals for the upcoming season 2018-19?
The goal is the successful performance of the FLORA club in all competitions, including Helsinki, as well as to prepare the players of the candidates for the Russian U19 team to participate in the World Floorball Cup 2020 in Sweden. 

Why did you chose to participate in HFC2019?
Our team has repeatedly participated in the Helsinki Floorball Cup as there is a friendly atmosphere, a high level of teams and good organization of the competition.

Does your team have social media channels?
floorballmoscowregion (VK)

What kind of greetings would you like to send to other participating teams?
We would like to wish all the teams an honest and correct game to have a wonderful sports holiday!

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