HFC2019 champions



HFC2019 every champion can be found here!

Boys B (01-02) Elite: Nikinmäen CSKA

Boys B (01-02) Challenge: LaatuPojat

Boys C03 Challenge: Telge SIBK

Boys C04 Challenge: Esport Oilers/Nightmare

Boys D05 Elite: SB Vantaa

Boys D05 Upper Challenge: Sparta Team Automaailm

Boys D06 Elite: ÅIF

Boys D06 Upper Challenge: O2-Jyväskylä

Boys D06 Lower Challenge: Blackbirds valkoinen

Boys E07 Elite: EräViikingit Pohjoinen

Boys E07 Upper Challenge: OFBC

Boys E07 Lower Challenge: BBU 07 Musta

Boys E08 Elite: Oilers Sharks

Boys E08 Upper Challenge: Blackbirds

Boys F09 Challenge: M-Team

Boys F10 Challenge: M-Team Sininen


Girls C (04-05): Vattjom IK

Girls D (06-07): EräViikingit

Girls E (08-09): Light Iron Diamond Hearts


Women Open: Sb Limits

Women Challenge: IKHTYS

Men Challenge: TG

Congratulations to the champions!

6/24/19HFC2020 pre-registration has begun!
1/14/19HFC2019 aftermovie
1/9/19HFC2019 champions
1/9/19AC Travel takes Sb Limits to Prague!
1/9/19Respect-prize lottery winners are here!
1/2/19Tournament highlights will be posted to social media
12/27/18Respect players will be awarded in every match of HFC2019!
12/7/18Match schedule is now published!
11/16/18HFC2019 registration is now closed
11/13/18Short story: FLORA

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