11/8/19Registration time will continue till sunday 17th of November!
10/8/19Flora from Russia attending Girls B category - Read more about the team
10/8/19Info about meal orders to venues
10/4/19Pre-registration lottery winners!
6/24/19HFC2020 pre-registration has begun!
1/14/19HFC2019 aftermovie
1/9/19HFC2019 champions
1/9/19AC Travel takes Sb Limits to Prague!
1/9/19Respect-prize lottery winners are here!
1/2/19Tournament highlights will be posted to social media
12/27/18Respect players will be awarded in every match of HFC2019!
12/7/18Match schedule is now published!
11/16/18HFC2019 registration is now closed
11/13/18Short story: FLORA
11/9/18Registration is open until 15.11.
11/7/18Tournament T-shirt is published!
10/31/18Winning team goes to Prague!
10/30/18Over 100 registered teams!
10/18/18Tell your story!
10/11/18Pre-registration lottery winners are here!
9/28/18The last opportunity to pre-register for HFC2019
7/27/18Pre-registration for HFC 2019 is now open
1/12/18HFC2018 is successfully over and now it is time for evaluation
1/10/18Prague Prize winners are here
1/10/18HFC2018 RESPECT player winners are here
1/9/18HFC2018 tournament photos
1/7/18HFC2018 RESPECT Prize lottery on Wednesday 10.1.2018
1/7/18Watch the Helsinki Floorball Cup 2018 Finals Live Stream on Sunday
1/7/18Updated schedule and standings - Sunday 7.1.2018
1/3/18Respect player is chosen from both team after every game
1/3/18HFC Event Matches during the tournament
12/15/17Helsinki Floorball Cup 2018 match program
12/1/1715th years anniversary tournament shirt has been published
11/9/17Updated registration deadline is 15.11.2017
11/2/17Most international HFC-tournament
10/27/17Something new for Adult categories - Anniversary prizes with AC Travel
10/2/17Pre-registration is now closed
1/17/17Now it's time for feedback
1/16/17Pass The Floorball campaign superbly displayed at Salibandyliiga games
1/11/17Helsinki Floorball Cup 2017 highlight video
1/11/17Champions of Helsinki Floorball Cup 2017
1/9/17Helsinki Floorball Cup 2017 tournament photos
1/9/17Respect player winners are here
1/6/17Recpect-player is chosen from both team after every game
1/5/17Tero Tiitu and Miko Kailiala take part in the Pass The Floorball -campaign
12/29/16Salibandyliiga games during Helsinki Floorball Cup 2017
12/23/16Highlight videos from Helsinki Floorball Cup will be filmed
12/14/16EräViikingit B-girls Academy: "All about ball virtuosity, fervor and spine"
12/11/16Helsinki Floorball Cup 2017 match program
11/30/16Helsinki Floorball Cup tournament photos
11/25/16Tournament shirt has been published!
11/15/16PSS 04-Boys: "HFC serves as a good wake up for the spring season"
11/9/16Updated registration deadline is 16.11.2016!
11/9/16FBI Tullinge 03-girls: "Playing is like going to church for us"
11/4/16HFC more popular than ever-record breaking continues
10/20/16Team Flora #ShortStory
10/19/16The results from the Pre-registration lottery are in!
10/3/16A new record amount of pre-registered teams
9/28/16Pre-registration for HFC 2017 ends on friday
6/21/16Pre-registration for HFC 2017 is now open
1/12/16Adults HFC2016 highlights video and pictures now available
1/11/16HFC2016 Paulig President prize winners are here!
1/7/16Malmköpings IBF: "Greetings from Sweden"
1/4/16HFC2016 Fair Play prize winners are here!
11/18/15Together Helsinki Floorball Cup and SuperPark offer seriously fun activities for all ages and abilities!
10/6/15Pre-registration lottery winners
5/29/15HFC2016 Pre-registration is now open!
1/14/1513 teams receive a free entry to Prague Games and Czech Open!
1/3/15Check out HFC2015 first day highlights!
1/2/15 9:00 AMHelsinki Floorball Cup 2015 has started!
1/1/15Free entrance to Salibandyliiga matches with HFC wristband
11/24/14HFC2015 match schedule is out!
11/6/14Almost 300 teams registered! Deadline has been extended to 12.11.
10/27/14Registered team are listed on HFC2015 website
10/13/1418 teams have registered to HFC2015 -tournament from abroad
10/10/14HFC2015 Preliminary registration lottery results - See who won!
9/30/14Pre-registration ends on Tuesday - still time to take part in lottery
9/19/14Pre-registration is still open for 2 weeks - 39 teams already registered
6/24/14Preliminary registration is now open!
1/6/14HFC2014 Fair Play prizes
1/6/14Video: Helsinki Floorball Cup - DAY 4
1/5/14Video: Helsinki Floorball Cup - DAY 3, Part 2
1/5/14Video: Helsinki Floorball Cup - DAY 3, Part 1
1/4/14Video: Helsinki Floorball Cup - DAY 2, Part 2
1/4/14Video: Helsinki Floorball Cup - DAY 2, Part 1
1/3/14HFC Photos - Day 1
1/3/14Video: Helsinki Floorball Cup - DAY 1, Part 3
1/3/14Video: Helsinki Floorball Cup - DAY 1, Part 2
1/3/14Video: Helsinki Floorball Cup - DAY 1, Part 1
1/2/14HFC2014 will start on Friday - first foreign teams arrived
11/28/13HFC2014 match schedule is out!
11/22/13HFC2014: 316 teams from 6 countries!
10/24/13130 teams already registered!
9/29/13Registration in progress - already teams from 5 countries
8/16/13HFC2014 Hotel packages available now
7/24/13Prague Games 2013 champions receive a free participation to HFC 2014
7/8/13Prague Games starting in Czech Republic
3/26/13Junioriliiga 2013 TV-programme is now to be seen in Katsomo
1/17/13Helsinki Floorball Cup 2013 is successfully finished!

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