Winners of the Helsinki Floorball Cup 2024



The winners of the Helsinki Floorball Cup 2024 have been determined.

After 523 played matches and the participation of 202 teams in the tournament, the winners are:

🏆 Women Elite: FBC Satujumppa
🏆 Women Challenge: Helsinki United

🏆 Men Elite: Raittiit nuoret miehet
🏆 Men Challenge: FC Yhdistäkää maakunnat
🏆 Men Fun: HKL

🏆 G16 Open: Blackbirds/SB-97
🏆 G14 Open: EräViikingit
🏆 G12 Challenge: FBT Karhut United
🏆 G10 Challenge: EräViikingit

🏆 B17 Open: Kekavas Bulldogs (LV)
🏆 B16 Elite: Lielvãrde (LV)
🏆 B15 Elite: Hawks
🏆 B15 Challenge: FC UiJuma
🏆 B14 Challenge: Blackbirds Keltainen
🏆 B13 Elite: EräViikingit Sininen
🏆 B13 Challenge: Tikkurilan Tiikerit
🏆 B12 Elite: Talsu NSS/Krauzers (LV)
🏆 B12 Challenge: SB-Pro
🏆 B11 Elite: SaiPa SB
🏆 B11 Challenge: EräViikingit Sininen/T12
🏆 B10 Challenge: SB Vantaa / Sudet White
🏆 B9 Challenge: Tuomarilan Urheilijat

Congratulations to the winning teams and thanks to all participants!

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