The tournament's organizer invites all floorball players, coaches, referees and supporters to PASS THE FLOORBALL -campaign.

The campaign aims to emphasize respect for others as respecting others may be forgotten on and off the field, either consciously or unconsciously.

Respect is about transparency, honesty, listening, good behavior and fairness. Everybody can affect with positive attitude on others successes and experiences.

Pass The Floorball -campaign at Helsinki Floorball Cup 2018

Helsinki Floorball Cup brings together c.a. 20.000 floorball players, coaches, referees and supporters to this international major event. By bringing Pass The Floorball -campaign to the event we are able to create better game and operating environment by respecting others.

As we have the possibility to share the message of respecting others, we hope that each participant would take it back to their localities at home, school and circle of friends.

Players, coaches, referees and supporters - Respect them all

The newest floorball world champions Miko Kailiala and head coach Petri Kettunen give their view how important it is to respect others from player's and coach's perspective.

Finnish Floorball Association’s Head of Referees Jukka Parviainen and supporter Merja-Leena Turunen bring up how respect appears towards others from referee's and supporter's view.

As a player

You show respect by taking every teammate into account on and off the field. Praising them from good performances and cheering them at the moment of failure you create an atmosphere where it is fun to play. As a teamplayer you respect the rules practices settled together, thus according to campaign’s values.

Miko Kailiala #87

”I see the most important thing when respecting others is to play hard, both in practices and games. Of course, it must appear in one’s own behavior, within the limits of good manners."

As a coach

You are equal to everybody on the team. By encouraging and supporting players you enable your players to good results and create joy and energy to their play. You remember to praise and give positive feedback to them as those elements are important part of the game and operational environment.

Petri Kettunen, men’s national team head coach

"A coach shows respect by being present and listening to the players. In the national team’s every encounter between the players and coaches that value is strongly present, before the national games and during them.”

As a referee

You are the authority and leader of the game, who’s goal is to be equal and take care of safety on the field. By respecting the teams equally you enable fair game. By guiding and being an example you make the game successful and at the same time you earn respect from others.

Jukka Parviainen, Head of referees

”The basis for referee activity is neutrality. Through neutrality, appreciation and respect are emphasized in referees’ performance. Game management and good interpersonal skills are also elements how referees show and deserve respect on the field.”

As a supporter

You influence the most on your team’s success by supporting and cheering. It is important for the players that they can focus on coach’s instructions and playing by the rules. You, as a supporter, also respect coaches and referees actions by giving them the possibility to work in peace.

Merja-Leena Turunen, supporter

”Positive cheering is the best way to support players on the field. Let the players play, coaches coach, referees referee – we take care of it, where we can be most helpful.”

How do you respect others?