Pass The Floorball campaign superbly displayed at Salibandyliiga games



Respecting others highly brought forward at men’s and women’s floorball league

During Helsinki Floorball Cup there were men’s and women’s floorball league games played. Six of them were also part of Helski Floorball Cup’s event games which were possible to access freely with the HFC2017-wristband.

The games were played in good spirit as the tournament’s campaign Pass The Floorball were highly present. We want to thank both our partners, the Finnish Floorball Federation and the International Floorball Federation. Special thanks to the men’s and women’s floorball leagues and the event organizer of these games Esport Oilers, M-team and SB-Pro.

Let’s keep respecting others in order to improve floorball towards better game and operating environment to us all.



Esport Oilers - LASB, Men's Salibandyliiga 6.1.2017


M-team - Steelers, Men's Salibandyliiga 7.1.2017



M-Team - SB-Pro, Women's Salibandyliiga 6.1.2017


SB-Pro - TPS, Women's Salibandyliiga 8.1.2017

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